Evaluation of the antitumor effect of trehalose in experimental models

Dr. Samah K. Nasr Eldeen

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This book is about experimental research findings of the incredible role of trehalose as an antitumor natural therapy with and/or without chemotherapy in breast cancer experimental models (Ehrlich ascites carcinoma). From an experimental point of view, we provided trehalose as an autophagic inhibitor for cancer cells which could be used as a potential neoadjuvant for the antitumor drug, methotrexate , and probably other chemotherapeutic compounds. This new role of trehalose coupled with its apoptotic induction property on tumor cells and lack of toxicity on normal cells increases the efficacy of the antitumor drug for treating a spectrum of cancers. Thus, its mode of action as a neoadjuvant for antitumor agents deserves further investigation to develop a new strategy for targeted cancer therapy by combining chemotherapy drugs with an autophagy inhibitor.

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