Author Interview: Ntyam Andeme

Author Interview: Ntyam Andeme

Book: Brume

Who are you, in a few lines?

From my birth certificate: I am Joséphine Patricia NTYAM-EHYA,  born from a mixed couple before their marriage. That is why my name is a composition of two names from two countries but one culture. Ntyam from my mother ( Cameroun) and Ehya from my father ( Gabon). Andeme is from my father. But as it has not been written in my birth certificate,  I chose to upgrade it by using it as my artistic reference, added to Ntyam.

A perfect day starts with? And ends with?

I should say that nothing is perfect. We always try.  I am trying. I hope it will be read by much more than you and me.

I would like to say it depends. Writing is above all by chance. Because you want to share your feelings about a situation. You cannot keep your views for yourself. And for answering your second question: yes,  we should always end with a book,  reading at least one chapter by the end of a day.

Could you tell us how you started writing?

Like I said before, I wanted to share my feelings about a situation. It was in 2007. I still was in Gabon. This is for BRUME. But before that in a high school, adolescent around 1983 I participated in a contest for writing a prayer. When that prayer was edited I recognized my words in the "patchwork" prayer they released. I was so proud.

Do you think that the writer has a special role to in our society?

The role of a writer. Of course, it is important. The words are spirits. You must be sure that those spirits have a good impact on the minds of those who would like to receive them.

Your latest book is "Brume". What is the message you want to convey to the readers?

Marriage is finally a very sensitive matter. Whatever age you are fitted with Marriage when time has come.

According to men ( I read it somewhere ): a good woman that shows respect to a man is that one to marry. This is our first lecture ladies: show respect to get that diploma called marriage. And my main character I think did that so well. But did that man deserve to be so loved?

Where did you get your idea for "Brume"?

I chose to transform weather aspect into a first name for the character because of what she was passing through. She did not know why she did put herself into that strange situation. She was confused.

What does this book mean to you?

BRUME was the shadow of myself at that time ( when I began to write it).

I hope the book will be read by more than me around the world. I will be happy to get it translated maybe. Why not.

Thank you so much, dear all from Generis Publishing.