Author Interview: Yoshinari Minami

Author Interview: Yoshinari Minami

Book: GRAVITATION- Its Cause and Mechanism -

Who are you, in a few lines?

I am a Japanese. I joined NEC Corporation. I have been engaged in the design and development of many Japanese satellites in the Space Development Division. After that, I have been engaged in the design and development of Japanese Experimental Module (JEM) in the Space Station Systems Division. I am now project manager of Space Propulsion Physics Project in Advanced Space Propulsion Investigation Laboratory (ASPIL).


A perfect day starts with? And ends with?

Normally, my days start with checking emails when I open my computer in the morning, do business, go out for lunch, and continue business in the afternoon. After eating out or returning home in the evening, drink beer, have a supper, watch TV or read a book and go to bed.


What does literary success look like to you?

My motivation is only the establishment of propulsion theory and navigation theory for a spacecraft propulsion system that allows human beings to realize solar system planetary exploration and star system exploration in a short period of time (hours to days to months), not unmanned spacecraft. The technical elements necessary for building a spacecraft will be developed in the future, but I think that it is necessary to continue writing because it is necessary to complete the theory first. By publishing, I hope that many people will know that there is such a method, and if they can continue this research and development, it will be a success.


What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

Realistic star system exploration, which requires a light-year cruising range, can be realized by combining propulsion theory and navigation theory. There is no propulsion theory that can exceed the speed of light. I am researching realistic means of traveling to the star system by combining field propulsion theory based on the physical structure of space-time and new navigation theory.

I started my research in 1986 and have published it in international conferences and journals since 1988, and have continued my research. I also publish book in a timely manner.


Your latest book is "GRAVITATION - Its Cause and Mechanism -". What is the message you want to convey to the readers?

The content of gravity described in this book was already described in the paper on space propulsion published in 1988, but it was after 2020 that I began to systematically describe gravity. What I want to convey in this book is as follows.

When you take an object away from your hand, it falls to the ground. When I was little, I was wondering why objects fell to the surface. I learned from schools and books that objects are being pulled to the Earth by Newton's universal gravitation. I could understand it as a phenomenon, but there was no explanation of the mechanism. After that, I learned from General Relativity that gravity is generated by the curvature of space, but there is still no explanation of the mechanism of why gravity is generated when space curves. This book visually explains the cause and mechanism of why gravity is generated when space curves, and also explains mathematically. Objects are not pulled by the Earth and fall, but are pushed and fall from the curved space around the Earth. By applying the continuum mechanics of space-time and the General Relativity to space, the object is pushed from behind by the pressure of the field in the curved space and falls.


What are the top 3 main ideas discussed in your book?

(1) As explained in item 4, a primary motive was to research the realm of space propulsion theory using the substantial physical structure of space-time. Minami proposed a hypothesis for mechanical property of space-time in 1988. Assuming that space is an infinite continuum like a rubber, a mechanical concept of space became identified. Then, new propulsion theory and the cause of Gravitation were obtained.

(2) When the curved surfaces are included in a great number, some type of unidirectional pressure field is formed. A large number of curved thin layers form the unidirectional acceleration field.                   

(3) As the essence of gravitation, the cause and mechanism of gravitation can be explained from a single concept of the pressure field in space. Gravitation (Gravity) can be explained as a pressure field induced by the curvature of space. Gravitation was a pushing force, not a pulling force.


Why is gravity the strongest force? Why do we need gravity?

As is well known, there are four kinds of forces in the universe: strong force, electromagnetic force, weak force, and gravity. Apart from strong and weak forces like a nuclear force, gravity is much weaker than electromagnetic force.

Concerning “Why do we need gravity?”, I don't know if it's necessary or unnecessary. Because gravity was already on the Earth at the time of the birth of humankind.


What is your best advice for new writers?

Keep writing with dreams, passion and patience.