Author Interview: Junior Mandoko

Tell us more about yourself, who is Junior Mandoko?

My name is Auguy Junior Mandoko – Ma – Bongoy, I have a Master’s degree in Law, a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, Law and Social Thinking. In addition, I am a researcher, essayist and teacher at the post secondary level. My current research focuses on human rights, international humanitarian law, international criminal justice, women’s rights and sustainable development.

Who is your latest book "The fundamental right to be hunger free in Africa" addressed to? What is your message to the readers?

This book is mainly addressed to political decision-makers, local leaders and African populations directly concerned by this issue. It answers the question of how to eradicate hunger in Africa? The second part of the book outlines the obstacles that prevent Africans from being free from hunger and proposes ways and means to achieve not only food self-sufficiency, but also to eradicate hunger in this vast continent for good. It reminds governments of their obligations in terms of food security for their respective populations. It advocates a return to the land as an indispensable means of guaranteeing the well-being of African populations.

Describe Generis Publishing in a few words.

Generis Publishing is a publishing house that stimulates research in all areas of human life. By publishing research, Generis Publishing contributes enormously to the much desired social change in the world, especially in these times of health crisis.

Is there a quote that stands out to you?

Yes, I will take my own quote from page 62 of this book, and I quote: “For a continent [Africa] with vast expanses of farmland, a galloping demography, and the majority of its population consisting only of young people, farming remains indispensable to ensure the short and long term well-being of the entire population. In order to do so, returning to the land is the only way out of the quagmire on this continent.

What would be your word of encouragement for a new author?

I will encourage all newcomers to try, especially young authors. There’s the possibility of publishing. Ideas die when they are not made accessible to all. Nowadays, we need thinkers and visionaries to not only guide our societies, but also to change them. Writings last forever while words disappear…Always start somewhere. Be determined and have a lot of patience!