CIORAN, According to the original

CIORAN, According to the original

Ion Dur

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If, during the totalitarian years, Cioran, forbidden in Romania but read in secret, as Ion Dur suggests, offering a resistance lesson contrasting with propaganda-declared happiness, today, in a pragmatic, depressive, sickly-utilitarianism era Cioran is equally necessary, transfiguring despair. Even submerged, fragmentarily “divided”, under the play of paradoxes, stylistic seduction and corrosive scepticism, Cioran reminds us that man, a deficient of life, having a lucid and tragic consciousness of life, maybe happy, capable of ecstatic feelings.

Ion Dur's book offers a thorough review of the “Cioran file”. In contrast to so many Romanian cultural export proposals, reported triumphantly at home (despite their modest echoes abroad), the volume published by Generis Publishing, dedicated to this “Cioran. According to the original”, intervenes correctively and thus becomes impossible to avoid landmark for the army of Cioranologists, bringing to light and settling numerous controversial issues.

Adrian Dinu Rachieru

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