Primate ecology

Melle Ekane Maurice

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‘Primate Ecology” examines the ecological management of primates in the wildlife. Primate population management depends very much on the habitat management and the management of human population in the tropics. Due to poverty, corruption, human population increase, and bad governance, wildlife population management has not been prioritized in many countries in the tropics. Unfortunately, the funds programmed by the international community for the conservation and management of wildlife populations have been often misused by these countries. However, the persistent decline of primate population in the tropics is not only based on anthropogenic problems but also ecological. The book has addressed the importance of ecological factors in the management of primate population, an important area in primatology. Ecological habitats are key to wildlife population welfare and any human negative impact on the habitat troubles the sustainability of primate population. The consequences sometime cause extirpation of some primate species in some areas, which might finally result to extinction. Hence, the essence of ecological maintenance in primate conservation and protection must be given priority.
Category:Nature, Environmental Studies