Nguyen Dan

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The greenhouse effect is caused by CO2 released from various industrial and agricultural sources. Now assumed that, If we treat about 50% of the global greenhouse emission gases, global warming is considered to be remedied, while half of the total greenhouse gas emissions are nearly equal to the total emissions of greenhouse gases. from all thermal power plants. So if we treat all the exhaust gases from all thermal plants, global warming is considered to be remedied. So far, the greenhouse effects have not been treated yet. In our opinion, There are four reasons for this situation, that is : 1- We do not have a new generation of suitable industrial equipment and no suitable technologies; 2- .We can not remove the dust thoroughly before CO2 separation from the exhaust gases; 3- We have used ethanolamine to CO2 separation from industrial emissions; 4-We do not have the suitable solution to bury CO2 on the ocean floor; The authors of this project have overcome all the disadvantages mentioned above by proposing new generation of suitable new equipment as well as proposing new no-waste technologies suitable for treatment and reusing industrial exhaust gas as well as CO2 separation out of it, proposed using a cheap solvent called soda instead of ethanolamine to remove carbon dioxide from industrial emissions, suggests two inexpensive solutions to bury carbon dioxide in the ocean floor.
Category:Environmental Studies