FAQ | Generis Publishing
I would like to publish a manuscript. Whom should I contact?

Click on “Submit your work”. There you will find the necessary contact form. Submit a manuscript and complete all the requested fields. If the upload process fails for any reason, please send the manuscript at info@generis-publishing.com.

What are the minimum and maximum length of a manuscript?

The manuscript must be at least 40 pages long, the maximum length being 650 pages.

What types of books does Generis Publishing publish?

Generis Publishing is an independent publisher of academic and fiction books.

What languages do you accept?

We publish books in all languages.

What happens to my copyrights?

As an author, you remain the copyright holder.

How much time is required for publishing a book?

It depends on each project. The publication time may differ from several days up to several months.

Do I have to pay a publication fee?

The Basic publishing package is free of charge. The other 4(Elementary, Standard, Premium and Premium Pro) should be paid beforehand.

My manuscript includes chapters that have been previously published. Is that acceptable?

We strongly prefer manuscripts made up entirely of new text. However, you may publish these chapters if you hold the copyrights.

Do you provide Peer Review?

Yes, the Peer Review is provided per special request.

Will you provide the cover design?

Yes, the cover design is created by the Generis Publishing team.

Who performs the manuscript formatting?

The professional formatting is performed by our layout specialists.

Will my book be hardcover or softcover?

The book will be softcover for the Basic, Elementary and Standard Plans. The hardcover is offered by our Premier and Premier Pro publishing plans.

Will my book be available as an ebook?

This option is available only for the Premium and Premium Pro packages.

How does Generis Publishing market the books?

Generis Publishing promotes its books through our business relationships with booksellers and distributors, direct mail/online/print advertising, social media campaigns, Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram ads.

How many printed copies will I receive?

Please get in touch with your editor to discuss your individual contract details. Generally, printed copies are offered for the Elementary, Standard, Premium and Premium Pro package and they can be purchased at significant discounts for the Basic package.

What is the royalty rate?

Depending on the publishing package, the royalty rate varies from 20% up to 35%.

When do you pay royalties?

The royalties are paid annually(at the end of the calendar year).

As an author, do I get an author discount?

Yes, as an author you get a discount on all orders.