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General Overview

Generis Publishing aims to collaborate with authors who already have publishing experience as well as with fresh voices; therefore, we give everyone the chance to publish their works. We came up with five different publishing plans that include diverse flexible services to suit every taste and budget.

The publication is free of charge. This means that you get the book cover design and formatting, the ISBN, and the Print on Demand global distribution without any fee.

Peer Review, Grammar Correction, and Press Release are available along with other plans, per special request. If you want to combine one of these services with the Basic formula, for example, just let us know and we will provide the necessary support.

Publication Process - Described in Detail

The following steps increase our efficiency at work so that we meet your deadlines and guarantee exceptional results, every time.

1. Manuscript Submission & Signed Contract

After receiving your manuscript, our team verifies the work and sends you the publishing agreement if the work is accepted.

2. Formatting & Cover Design

Our team designs the cover of the book and carries out the professional layout according to international standards. Then, you check the cover and the formatted file. We request feedback from you so that your own preferences are considered, meeting your expectations and delivering in producing what you had in mind.

3. ISBN assignment

After all revisions are completed, we will assign the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to your book. It is a numeric commercial book identifier, which is intended to be unique. Once we have this, we are then ready to go live.

4. Publication and Distribution

The book is listed on our catalog and then, the book data is sent to our partners - wholesalers, resellers, retailers, consultants and agents to bring your book to market.

During the entire project and after, we keep up clear and regular communications as well as arranging for periodic follow-up discussions. Regular communication enables the book project to keep moving forward and reach the established publishing goals.

Book Marketing

Paid ADS & Targeted Advertisements

Paid advertising is a great way to guide more traffic to our books, connect with all the right people, and increase book sales. We professionally manage paid advertising by making every click count.

Promotional Posters

Book presentations in the form of a poster are communication tools that can be used as demonstrations, announcements to showcase your book and to promote it to every extent.

Book Distribution

We are constantly building our distribution channel, increasing its efficiency. The results we get are faster delivery times, and happier customers.

In Europe, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia, we distribute our books through all the Amazon markets, Bokus, SAXO, Libroterra, Babelio, Octavia Books, AbeBooks, Barnes & Noble's, AdLibris, Bol, Walmart, Wheelers, Wellesley Books, KINOKUNIYA WEB STORE, Tanum and others.

Pricing Plans





Premier Pro

Free 299 € 599 € 1990 € 2990 €
Royalties 20% 20% 25% 30% 35%
Formatting + Cover design
Colour Printing Option
Copyright Ownership
Discounts for printed books
Electronic Version
POD Distribution
Printed Books(B&W) 3 10 20 30
Paid Ads Campaign
Hardcover Option
E-book Sale on Amazon
Peer Review
Press Release
*Shipping fees are not included in the above mentioned prices


Our Standard package is the most popular, as it provides you with essential elements. If you also need e-book sale, paid ads campaign, then the Premier package is an incredible value. Many authors prefer the Basic formula because there are no fees to support and they can switch to another plan later, if wanted.

If you need complimentary printed books, you can benefit from your author’s discounts in order to acquire them.

The Basic publish plan does not provide you with printed copies of the book. As author, you can benefit from your significant discounts in order to acquire them.

In order to get your manuscript published by us, please send it in PDF or Word format as soon as possible.

Simply select the publishing package you want and fill out the submission form. Once you submit the manuscript, you can expect to receive our feedback in approximately 2 – 3 business days.

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