French in Louisiana: What kind of language, pedagogy and policy?

Nicolas Martin-Minaret

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What is “Louisiana French”? “Cajun French”? “Louisiana Creole”? How did they develop? What happened to them during their respective history? What are the reasons for their demise? What have been the measures taken to preserve and restore Louisiana’s rich language heritage? Are they caring any hope to reinstall the historic languages of the state into its daily life and society? Those are few questions many Louisianians and outsiders wonder over. That book, taking into account different studies, records, interviews, experiences, and data, tries to answer them. The author’s knowledge of the Poitevin language offers an additional perspective, the one of an outsider, European, living in Louisiana, able to distinguish the features present in the vernacular dialects linked to the traditional language of Poitou and its famous offspring: the Acadians.

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