One Global Single Authority Supervising all Financial Markets

One Global Single Authority Supervising all Financial Markets

Athanasios G. Panagopoulos

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This book examines whether and how much the Directives and Regulations at European level strengthened and protected the EU/International financial system. The research of the impact on investors and national jurisdictions, if they are protected has concluded that the establishment of an actually international single regulatory framework for all financial products is far away from reaching its ultimate and realistic achievement. However, the theoretical existence of a unified regulated market framework and model of organized markets, as long as, with a set of regulatory, labor and economic policies that will offer equal information to the participants, with less transaction costs and thus increased transparency, liquidity and reducing market abuse cases is feasible. In a single and regulated framework, in which the money markets tend towards perfection, a set of labor policies is also proposed, especially in societies where there is a higher than average, social wealth, but also less inequality of income from work.
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Who are you, in a nutshell?

I am a Finance and Labor economics expert, with extensive experience in Financial Markets, Labor Authorities, and the European Union. My interests lay in lecturing Capital Markets and Labor Law at Universities, working as an Employment Consultant and as Financial Advisor at the EU level, on topics related to financial products, EU legislation, and Labor Economics. 

Where did you get your information or idea for your book?

Although publishing a Book on Global Economic and Labor policies was a dream, Generis Publishing gave me the opportunity to make it a reality, by suggesting to make the book, combining the proposed idea from my Ph.D. thesis, namely the parallel establishment of a Global Single Authority which will supervise all financial products.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

While creating my book I faced some challenges, the utmost surprising thing was the way of presenting to a wider audience many scientific conclusions. I had to present the outcomes in a way to be easily understood without losing the academic approach.

What is the message of your book that you want to convey to readers?

In today's global financial environment, free markets don't necessarily optimize the balance between work and the level of income and consumption. In incompletely informed markets, active labor policies can improve the balance between the unemployed and job vacancies, as well as income disruptions from undeclared work, increasing employment and production. The establishment of an international authority under a single financial market framework which will supervise all financial products could be supported by a set of labor and economic policies. That combination might deliver as a result the balance between labor conditions and financial protection in future crises. That is what the book presents under a collection of research papers.

Do you think the writer has a special role to play in our society?

The role of a writer, in general, is to reflect his/her opinion or emotions on many topics in a way that can be diffused to the society. His/her role is not only to update and inform the targeted audience of any developments, news, or even to entertain, inspire people and make them think in a different way but also to remind them that the freedom of expressing opinions is an important achievement of our societies and generations.

What would be your word of encouragement for a new author?

I'd like to say to a new author who wishes to publish a book but has some concerns: Be precise about what you'd like to say, having in mind how to present it more clearly and digestively to a wider audience.

How was the publishing experience? Describe Generis Publishing in a few words.

I decided to cooperate with Generis Publishing for my recent book and the whole procedure was completed in a few days. They guided me well in order to find the title, the images, the design of the cover, and the ways of promoting it. Generis Publishing is a very professional publishing company with which your dreams come true.