The Pan-Demon Phenomenon, Fenomenul Pan-Demon

The Pan-Demon Phenomenon, Fenomenul Pan-Demon

Vasilica Bălăiță, Andreea Darie, Octavian Jighirgiu, Adrian Buliga, Alina Dincă Pușcașu, Ioana Petcu

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A lively book, full of freshness, challenging in the way the theater is studied, avoiding the beaten paths. (...) A unique quality of the author is that she knows how to watch a show. It is defined not only by curiosity but also by the will to understand one phenomenon or another beyond the immediate horizon.

Florin Faifer Ph.D., University Professor; Romanian Playwright, and Lexicographer twice won the Romanian Academy Award

Millions of people around the world have instinctively felt since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that it is hiding a message...The message of this gigantic intelligence test for humanity remains to be deciphered correctly, and humanity remains to act accordingly. We are definitely at a crossroads. Let's not delude ourselves: individual intelligence is not enough to decipher the message. For the first time in human history, a collective intelligence effort is needed to find a solution. I suggest to all who will open this book to go through this idea in mind: The Pan-Demon phenomenon is the embryo of an attempt to find the way, through art, imagination and emotion, to collective intelligence.

Matei Visniec, playwright and writer. poet and journalist at Radio France Internationale.

Category:Art, Social Science