The Use of Aquatic Macro-Invertebrate and Physico-Chemical Parameters for Water Quality Analysis in Wetlands of Kigali City

Ndayisenga Jean de Dieu

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This book provides information on the physico-chemical and aquatic biodiversity water quality in wetlands around Kigali City. Rugunga and Nyabugogo wetlands were chosen for this study. The analysed water quality was from Rwampala River crossing in Rugunga wetland and Nyabugogo River crossing through Nyabugogo wetland. Aquatic biodiversity based on macroinvertebrates were correlated with physico-chemical parameters in this study, biological monitoring was conducted as it has a capability of detecting the unexpected impact on aquatic environment. Biological methods are very cheap and integrated into other studies. The link between biological quality and chemical quality of water could give an information whether the chemical quality of the water can be substituted with biological quality as the biota responds to any impact whether expected by the investigator or to combine this method for the accuracy of the results. Much less equipments are used and large area can be surveyed in a short time which gives more information suitable for later assessment.
Category:Environmental Studies, Industry, Health